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To find and hire a Dallas Video Production company for your business can be really frustrating and risky for a small-medium business owner. It even often involves having to take a crash course in current video technology trends and hoping for the best. However, by following these three considerations when choosing your video producer, you can dramatically increase your chances that your video production project will be well received, visually appealing, and pay for itself many times over.


  1. Determine the scale of the production you need

Although there are many factors that determine the costs of a video shoot, the first consideration for staying in budget is the type and size of the video production itself. Large video production projects will often utilize multiple studios, locations, motion graphics, green screen editing, and a sizable production crew.

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There are large productions that often come through Dallas, TX that involve advertising agencies, marketing agencies, television stations, Hollywood film producers, and corporate event producers. These types of medium to large projects will usually involve several producers that will want to work with a local video producer who will help their team execute their productions and fill any additional crew positions.

The results from a large-scale collaboration are fantastic and can be award winning, but can cost a considerable amount. When the results matter most to the end client, the video producers’ job is to accommodate and arrange the necessary additions to satisfy even the most demanding needs of a video project.

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Normally, small-medium sized businesses that try to cut corners at a large scale due to budget constraints with a grandiose vision can be hard to accommodate if the production is not scaled back properly at the discretion of the video producer. It is highly possible to keep a project lean, and yet deliver the best possible quality for the value. However, will most likely be compromises and decisions that will need to be made with the advice of a video production specialist, in order to keep the train on the tracks.

Using specialized crew that wear multiple hats can sometimes shave a few dollars off of the budget, or even off-loading the post-production aspect to your in-house staff. This type of decision will come with its own set of pros and cons naturally. There is always a possibility that a video project may lose a certain edge or cohesiveness to it, if the initial crew is changed. You may save some money by utilizing that cost-saving strategy, but the project may lose some of its shimmer. Much like when your favorite show or movie changes a main character and a new actor is put in as a replacement.


Video Production Crew Dallas - Kinter Media

A good Dallas video producer will have various tiers of crew that they utilize on a per project basis. From videographers to cinematographers, directors of photography and video directors. Director/DP’s are also a type of crew member that can do a lot of heavy lifting and give you really good value for your money. Choosing the right video producer for your Dallas Video Production project will look like someone that wants to build an ongoing relationship with you and can underbid anyone else in tow, because they already have plenty of work, equipment and are not stretched for time. This type of video producer will have camera equipment, post-production computers, production crew a phone call away and will want to work with you and your budget. Having the ability to understand corporate, commercial and broadcast needs crucial to choosing the right video producer. If these aspects are ignored when choosing the right video production partner, it will most definitely show in the final quality of the production. Compromising the integrity of the project as a whole and run the risk that it will look, feel and sound like a really good quality homemade video.

Choosing a medium-sized, full time video production company will absolutely give you the most bang for the buck. While some large companies sometimes will price themselves out of range for small-medium businesses, some may also be very willing to work with you and your budget. By looking at the website of the video production service provider, watching the reel and seeing the client list you can kind of gauge the level of production they handle. If you see a mix of large clients, mixed with small-medium businesses, then you can assume the company can put together a production budget that can accommodate most scenarios and situations.

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  1. Watch production reels to see who has the edge you’re looking for

Once you’ve figured out the size of the video production project you’re looking for, then start watching the video production reels of companies that you think could produce the specific outcome you’re looking for. One of the primary factors that can determine the overall cinematic quality in the portfolios is the file format the project was short or captured with. Video production technology changes quite a bit every 4-7 years, and what broadcast standards 10 years ago with $75,000 cameras can now be achieved using $5K-10K camera setups today. The ideal Dallas video producer should match the video capture format with what provides the best solution and quality for your budget and project. Some formats can be really post-production heavy and intensive, as well as more difficult to archive due to file sizes and will require larger hard drive storage.

Video Post-Production In Dallas - Kinter Media

There are several other factors that determine the overall cinematic quality of a Dallas video production, but choosing the right format can be the foundation that other costs will be built upon. If you’re doing a brand/company overview video, tv commercial spot or an online advertisement, then quality is critical to make that first impression the best. However, if you’re task at hand is employee training videos, then the quality doesn’t need to be a top priority and resources can be allocated elsewhere in the production, such as post-production if there is a lot of content captured that needs to be edited. Having a good balance of quality and cost is a good objective when dealing with adversity in putting together production budgets. When watching production reels and video portfolios by video production companies, it’s important to pay attention to the image quality, style of lighting, the way camera movement is used, sound design, music licensing, and the audio quality of dialogue or voiceover.

Focus on the details of how national commercials are shot next time that you turn on your tv at home. Look at how smooth diffused lighting is used or how the subject is easy to connect with because they have a light reflection on their eyes, or how a stabilizer and dolly camera movements are used, or perhaps the kind of color correction that appears on certain scenes. Even if you’re not doing a commercial for your business, you can easily train your eye to pick up on various levels of quality by comparing it with traditional VHS square format tv station advertisements.

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  1. Consider how professional the video producer and his staff are

After your team has reached consensus on the approximate budget and you speak with the video producer, he should be able to give you a couple of insights on his specific approach or develop a treatment or pitch for your specific budget and level of production. After speaking with a video producer about your project, you should know what will be produced, the kind of equipment your project will be using, what crew members will be utilized, and what scenes will be shot. There will be an element of creativity that can vary and may not translate fully on paper, but aiming to get most of everything in writing communication is on paint and expectations aren’t misaligned is a good goal for everyone involved.

A good go by is to consider how the personalities are working, who you connect with the most, how well the producers get along or how much you would enjoy collaborating with a particular commercial director or video director on your vision. Can you sense that they understand your industry, has experience in it or have worked with a similar project and is eager to learn more about your project? Do they provide quality insight without being pushy? Flow should be easy moving into the video project from both parties, with all egos aside. These personality and communication traits may seem like a no brainer, but video production is a creative business with many personality types and quirks.

Artistic and creative types often take their art and use of their intellect very seriously. It’s crucial to not only have a creative partner, but someone who is willing to put your needs and targets above theirs.

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