4 Spectacular Video Production Trends

4 Spectacular Video Production Trends | Alex Kinter

When restrictions force businesses to end or limit in-person services, it's harder for them to reach possible clients. Things like window ads, fliers, and other in-person marketing are less reliable than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic that dominated 2020.

While businesses move to other forms of advertising, video remains popular. A shift to streaming services and other online video provides more opportunities for marketing video production. Many digital video content marketing trends are driven by digital possibilities.

Learn more with these four key video trends used by top advertisers today.

1. Video Production for Short Attention Spans

The idea that people have attention spans shorter than goldfish is a myth.

What still rings true is that many people don't want to watch long ads. They often skip the end of an ad when given the option. Even if they sit through the full video, that doesn't mean they watch the full thing.

Marketers took note and started producing short-form content. Ads just a few seconds long on mobile apps are popular more and more and lead to more customer engagement.

2. Longer Video Ads Work Well, Too

On the opposite end of the spectrum, long-form video ads are also rising in popularity. They feel like entertainment instead of advertisements for goods or services, making consumers want to engage more. 

Long-form video marketing includes a three-to-five minute series that feel like vlogs and other web content. Some ads are even full-length web series with celebrities, like SK-II's Bare Beauty Chat

Many of these series are on platforms like YouTube and include advertisements beforehand. This makes customers perceive the web series as pure entertainment instead of as advertising. It's a clever way to use people's tendency to skip pre-content ads in your own favor.

3. Landscape Video Is Going out of Style

Working in Hollywood is the classic cinema student dream, and traditional shows and movies are in horizontal, also known as landscape format. Yet, times change, and vertical (portrait) video is rising in popularity.

Moving away from landscape video means companies have to make major changes to the way they work, so some video-makers are annoyed with this trend.

Still, platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have people looking at portrait-only content all the time. Adapting is the only way producers can make ad content go viral, so video content production is changing its ways to match.

4. Making More, More, More Content

With consumers spending more time on social media and watching TV and streaming services, they're guaranteed to get tired of the same old ads after not too long. Producers know that viewer patience runs out, so one of the biggest video marketing trends in 2020 is making more and more content to keep variety in advertising.

Churning out short and simple videos is how brands hope to reach audiences hopping between websites, apps, and streaming services all day.

Work With the Best on Your Next Video Project

With these hot trends in the marketing video production industry, your business is in good shape to beat the competition in a changing business landscape.

Companies in and around the Dallas area have a great opportunity to use Alex Kinter's video production skills. When you're ready to perfect your next marketing project, get in touch today with any questions or to set up a partnership you won't regret.



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