7 Fascinating Facts About the Relation Between Video and Lead Generation

7 Fascinating Facts About the Relation Between Video and Lead Generation | Alex Kinter

We've all heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words," but did you know a video can be worth more clients?

It might sound unbelievable, but it's true. The statistics are in, and experts agree that video ads on social media sites do better than almost any other type of ad.

But what is the relationship between videos and lead generation? Is it possible to use videos to gain more clients for your business?

We have the answers for you! Read on to learn the 7 most fascinating facts about video content and lead generation.

1. Number of People Watching Videos Online

Now, 55% of people watch at least 1 video on the internet every day.

That amounts to billions of views in the course of one 24-hour stretch. 

2. People Say Videos Helped Them Buy a Product

Out of the internet's daily video watchers, 90% of users have said that a video helped them decide whether or not to purchase a product.

This clearly shows the direct correlation between video content and lead generation. By producing videos, you are opening your business to thousands of potential new clients. 

3. Most People Recall Video Ads

Quick question: do you remember a print ad you saw two weeks ago?

Possibly not, but 80% of people report remembering a video ad they saw. Even if they didn't engage with the ad, this demonstrates that videos tend to stay in our heads. 

Videos increase the likelihood that when they're in need of services like yours, your company will be remembered.

4. People Even Love Videos in E-mails

If your company runs e-mail campaigns, try including a video every once in a while and see what it does to your open and click-through rates.

For most companies, videos increase the number of opens and click-throughs by 200 to 300%. This will help people keep your company in mind and can even turn casual e-mail subscribers into active customers.

5. Want to Increase Your Facebook Reach?

Are you looking to grow your Facebook page's popularity? 

If so, then consider running more video campaigns. Results show that companies who use videos can increase their advertising reach by 135%.

6. People Will Remember Your Stories

When creating a video ad, it's important to remember that people recall stories easier than plain facts. 

Videos give you the unique ability to tell stories in a personal way. After all, you or someone from your team can sit in front of the camera and share your message. This gives the viewer someone to relate to, making your brand seem more personal.

7. Most Businesses Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Let us tell you a secret: 85% of businesses report using video marketing.

This indicates that video marketing has been successful for many people. Otherwise, it would not have become so commonplace.

It also means that you are behind the curve if you are not using video marketing. So what are you waiting for?

Get More Video Creation Questions Answered

Do you have additional questions about videos and lead generation?

If this sounds like you, look no further. Contact us today to see how video can transform your marketing strategy!

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