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One of the most essential things in life is to have a healthy mind and body. Mental health is as important as physical health is. Most people in our society disregard it and bring it up only when matters get completely out of hand for them.

If you are someone struggling with any kind of mental health disorder, then you have reached the right place. Here in this blog post, you will be briefed as to how you can counter your issues and moreover how you can fight off the stigma that revolves around addressing someone with mental health problems.



Mental health problems are many and are most often brushed off under the rug. Depression has been one of the most important ones, in which people reach a point where they lose all hope and find a resort in ending their life.

The only way to counter mental health problems is by talking more about it. It can only be defeated if more people talk about it and make it easier for others to realize, that their condition is temporary and it can be fixed.

Identifying the problem is part of the solution

It is really important to identify that you have a problem. If you know that there is something wrong with you, then you need to address it, most people stay in denial which makes their situation go from bad to worse.  

Suffering alone, bottling up feelings and keeping it all inside is the reason why mental health issues start off in the first place. Therefore, if something becomes a hindrance in your life that affects how you function on a daily basis, then it is important to seek help.

The upsurge in the rates of depression in recent years

The amount of stress and anxiety that this generation inculcates within themselves is alarming. Most people stay stressed because of their long-hour jobs as well as the competition that exists to be the best no matter what.

The fight for attaining the highest position in this society has left a lot of working individuals depressed. They usually have a lot of responsibilities on their head that they cannot take time out to let go all of what is going on their heads. This later becomes one of the reasons for them to not just perform poorly but also be severely depressed.

This issue should be addressed by every organization/company to make sure that their employees get to attend therapy sessions at least twice a month so that they do not just free themselves off of the burden they carry around their shoulders, but also perform well in the long-run.

There are also many teens who have been admitted to the ER with evidence of self-harm, so it is really important that new programs are introduced, that can lower the rates of self-harm and suicide among teenagers.

How does therapy help those who know they are going through depression?

A survey conducted in Spain showed that there were at least 20,000 people who attempted suicide, and there were 5000 cases of people losing their lives to suicide in the years between 2007 and 2013. The statistics are enough to prove, how crucial it is to have a better understanding of mental health problems, and how important it is to have setups for so many individuals, who need help but have no means to attain it.

There are many pieces of research that have proven that cognitive-behavioral therapy, used for individuals with depression, has helped them cope up with their illness. There are many such examples that prove that any person suffering from a feeling of sadness to a point that they cannot function properly in their daily lives, is suffering from depression and needs help from a professional psychiatrist.

There are many websites that offer therapy at the ease of your home. One of them is This site has many psychiatrists on board, with whom anyone can chat with. It is a lot more comfortable for all those individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders or psychotic disorders, to get their treatment done at home.

This site offers therapy sessions that are 45 hours long. These sessions take place twice a week, at hours that are feasible for individuals who are interested in getting therapy. They can be either through a phone call or through a video call.

They have professionals who mainly focus on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help individuals deal with depression. This program has helped a lot of people, including Sarah Clausen, who found Able To, extremely helpful in her case.

You can listen to her entire experience at 


Mental health problems are a serious issue. A large group of people suffer from mental health problems and find it impossible to let go of their feelings.

Most often, the state of well-being mentally is achieved by changing small things in life and opting for a healthier lifestyle, but for some people, their state of anxiety and depression does not leave them to bring forth these changes.

At times like these, is the best way for all those individuals to want to seek professional help, this website is functional in over 50 states and has more than 600 certified psychiatrists on board. They make sure that every person’s information stays confidential and regular follow-ups are done.

Individuals who have been part of the Able To community have shown to have a 50% decrease in their depressive state. With the help of such amazing sites, a lot of people will be able to get past their mental health issues and know that their problems are just a part of their life and not all of it.


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