How You Can Boost Your Social Media Engagement Through Video

How You Can Boost Your Social Media Engagement Through Video | Alex Kinter

Are you looking to increase your client engagement on your social media accounts?

At first glance, this can seem difficult to do. After all, how do you prompt virtual strangers to want to interact? How can you guarantee you will get some social media engagement?

Fortunately, videos have become a surefire way of increasing client interest in and interaction with your brand. Read on to learn more about how videos can revolutionize your social media engagement rate.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Put simply, social media engagement is the process by which you get people using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with your brand.

It's important to have a strategy to get people to engage with your social media accounts. The more people engage, the more interest they will have in your company, and the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

But engagements don't happen just because you create an account. They start with you. You have to create content with which people want to interact.

What Kind of Content Should You Make?

If you're scratching your head as to which types of content will get your audience to engage, don't worry.

Marketing experts have studied social media interaction statistics for years now, and the results are in. Videos, more than any other type of social media content, increase account engagement by astronomical percentages.

In fact, videos increase an account's organic Facebook reach by 135%.

Up to 90% of people have said that a video influenced their decision to buy a product. This indicates videos not only help companies increase their client engagement, but they are also more likely to convert people into new clients with video content.

How to Create Fantastic Video Content

When creating video content, keep in mind that most people respond better to stories than they do facts. 

So, even if the goal of the video is to get people to buy a product, don't just list off the product's best qualities. Tell the story of how the product will improve the consumer's life. 

If you need inspiration for this, watch other video ads. Notice how commercials seldom just show the benefits of the product.

Rather, car companies show families on memorable road trips, and athletic wear companies tell stories of people succeeding at their sport.

Next, consider which type of video you'd like to create.

On social media, people are more likely to stick around and watch a live video. Because of this, you should think about going live every once in a while, even if you decide to mostly prerecord your ads.

Choose the Right Equipment and Lighting

Nowadays, anybody can buy a good camera and shoot a high-quality video. Because of this, most consumers will notice when a video is poorly done, even if they don't know why.

Selecting the right equipment for your shoot, then, is important, as is making sure everything looks properly lit.

Need to Know More About Shooting Video?

Now that you know how video can boost your social media engagement, you're one step closer to producing incredible marketing videos.

Want to connect with our full-service Dallas video production company? If so, contact us and let's connect!



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