Insider Tips on How to Write a Successful Video Brief

Insider Tips on How to Write a Successful Video Brief - Alex Kinter

Our attention spans are shrinking with every passing year. In 2000, experts found that the average attention span was 12 seconds. Less than two decades later, that number dropped to just 8 seconds.

Capturing the attention of your viewers means starting your videos with a bang, then keep the informative, entertaining content coming second after second.

If you're outsourcing your video production, you need to make sure that you're setting your team up for success with a video brief that covers exactly what you're hoping to achieve. That way your producer can spend their time capturing viewers' attention rather than trying to decipher what you really want.

Writing a video brief that is short, informative, and well-written is a must if you want your video producer to create the final project you're dreaming of. Keep reading to learn a few insider tips on writing the perfect video brief.

Keep Your Video Brief, Brief

Hopefully, you've hired a professional video production company. Because they know what they're doing, you don't need to go into a great deal of detail about what you're expecting from your video.

Rather than bogging your producer down with a lengthy novel about what you want your video to look like, keep your video brief brief.

Include details about the main ideas you want to be covered, any style expectations that you have, and a note about how this video will be used.

For instance, videos are a favorite among consumers on social media. If you plan to use your video on Facebook, it can be longer than it would be for an Instagram post.

Make a List

The easiest way to keep your creative brief short and to the point is to make a list of the big ideas you want to get across in your video.

For short videos, you can likely list these ideas as bullet points. For longer videos that will need more detail, create short paragraphs about what you're expecting to be covered under each of the main ideas.

This format makes it easier for your video producer to quickly reference your ideas. It also eliminates any confusion about what the main ideas of your video are going to be about.

Give Some Background

Unless you have worked extensively with the video production company in the past, you need to provide some vital background information about your business and brand.

Even though this information won't be used in your video, it will provide essential guidance about the style, tone, and other details that will be included.

Aim to give your video producer an idea of what your business is about, its history, and its goals. Explain what your company dynamic is about, such as whether you're a small start-up or a larger company. 

You can also include a link to your website and any previous videos that you've produced.

Mastering Your Video Project

No matter the type of video you want or how you plan to use it, a successful video project starts with a great video brief.

If you're ready to create stunning videos, contact us today to learn more about our production services.

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