Marketing: Content Quality VS Content Quantity

Yes, the quality of your content matters. It seems obvious, but not to some.

Just how Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk are saying these days, opposed to a couple years back.

You used to be able to pump out quantity and get mediocre to decent results. But now, if you want epic and extreme results in the best way possible today - quality content with good context and good messaging is currently the most effective way to get there.

Which means, it takes more time, money and energy to produce and develop these key content pieces.

 Product Content Marketing - Alex Kinter

Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great. You have to stand out and not sit on your hands and do what everyone else is halfway doing.

You have to spend literally 4 times as much effort promoting your content, as it took to create it. Don't just start on the next album cause you can, want to or a couple of people asked for it and you want to please them.

As I advise up and coming music artists - you have an album now, congratulations. But, now what? People need to hear it. Frequently.

Product Promotion & Content Marketing - Alex Kinter

You have to get out there and promote it and find your audience for it, give them value and stay in front of them. However, all great things must also be moderated.

This doesn't mean cut down your current volume content strategies, but more or less have a different game plan, expectation or timeline for your key content pieces.

These type of content projects and content marketing efforts take a different amount of time, skill set and often various team members to execute properly.

Media Placement & Content Marketing - Alex Kinter

Often times the content must be positioned to perform well in front of a targeted audience and the process might seem longer than usual. No need to panic or make any hasty and impulsive decisions to pivot the campaign off track. Stay on target towards the campaign goal, follow the steps, trust the process and watch the magic take place.

In conclusion, we should always aim to make it easy for people to consume your content and products.

In order to make things simple and easy, it often requires a great deal of effort and planning. And once you do it, it's a completely different game. 

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