Poolside - Dallas Short Film AKA Alone at The Pool

Dallas Film - Poolside - Mid Century Modern Film

This post is to let you know about the upcoming release of our short film Poolside (AKA: Alone By The Pool), this Fall. We are submitting it to be entered into competition at various film festivals this year, including: The Dallas Independent Film Festival, The Marfa Film Festival, The Burbank Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, Sundance and SXSW.  

Poolside (AKA Alone at the Pool) centers around the story of a 1950's high society housewife, increasingly isolated in her huge home battling with alcohol and prescription drug addiction, due to an unfulfilling life. Until she begins hearing voices when swimming in her indoor pool. Are the voices she's hearing the ghosts of the past, schizophrenia or some physical threat? Her present state of mind makes it too difficult to tell.

Mid Century Modern Film - Poolside | Kinter Media

The film stars Anne Beyer and was written by Erik Schuessler, directed by Alex Kinter & Erik Schuessler, and was made with funds from the directors, producers and with help from Food Dance Films, Brainfood, and Access Media Productions.

Almost playing its own character is the backdrop of the automated home. A beautiful custom-built house from 1958. A fine example of suburban mid-century modern design by Boatwright & Thompson, and recently restored.

This is a classic story about space, time, and the spirits of the past stuck repeating their last moments.

RED Digital Cinema - Shot on RED Cameras

The film was shot using RED Epic cameras and Angenieux Optimo lenses.

Ultimately, short films are less likely to have the mass appeal of feature-length films. But this doesn't make them any less valid as an art form, or any less worthy of our consideration. In reality, making a short film that is effective and impacts the audience in the ways intended by the filmmakers, is actually way more challenging than making a feature-length film. We are confident that we've achieved this goal with Poolside. So please check it out, and help support us if you can. We are making the film In memory of Erik since his passing.

The trailer on YouTube: 


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