The Benefits of Captions and Subtitles for Your Video

Benefits of Captions and Subtitles - How to Install Captions on Your Video | Kinter Media

You may think that all the work for creating your video marketing is done during the filming stage. While this may be true, there’s also quite a lot of work that goes into post-production.

This is where your video footage is edited and put together into (hopefully) a stunning final product that is ready to upload and show the unsuspecting world.

One thing you will need to think about is whether you have captions or subtitles. Here our Dallas video production team take a closer look at why they should be near the top of your list of things to include in the post-production process.

What Captions and Subtitles

Most people think captions and subtitles are the same things but they’re subtly different.

  • Captions are a transcription of the original dialogue on your video and may even include sound cues (sound: a scream).
  • Subtitles are translations of the original dialogue into another language, for example, putting the English into French or vice versa.

Why Are They Important?

The first benefit is improved accessibility. If someone is hard of hearing, they can easily understand what is being said in your video if you have captions.

Hearing Loss Statistics in America - Hearing Health Foundation

For businesses, this means attracting a size-able audience with hearing difficulties. Many countries, including the USA, have rules that any public media must be captioned to avoid discrimination. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, there 48 million Americans and 477 million people worldwide who report having trouble hearing.

But that’s not the only benefit.

The other main reason for including captions is social media. If you check your timeline on Facebook, you’ll see that there are quite a few videos as you scroll down. Most of the time these appear in your feed and are silent because the default position on most social media sites is mute unless you click on the video.

Just to push this point home – 85% of Facebook users have the sound off on their main timeline.

That means all your audience has to inform them of what your video is about is the visual footage. In some cases, this is enough for them to want to find out more. In most cases, however, it means that someone will simply scroll past your video and ignore it.

How To Install Captions on Your Video - Benefits of Captions & Subtitles | Kinter Media

Include captions and you immediately draw your attention to what the video is about. That means your audience is more likely to want to find out more.

If you a video that handles a complex subject or where people have difficult accents or are speaking clearly (for example, when being interviewed), captions can make understanding clearer.

Finally, captions allow you to produce a transcript of the video when you post it on your website or places like YouTube. That means you can use it to boost your SEO and hopefully be more visible online.

How to Install Captions on Your Videos - Video Marketing | Kinter Media

How to Install Captions on Your Video

The first thing to say here is that there are plenty of AI software solutions that produce captions automatically. While these are cheap, they are also quite inaccurate.

A misspelt word or misunderstood phrase in your captions can be hilarious. They can also damage your business reputation if it’s perceived as an insult. Essentially, badly composed captions make your video look bad.

It’s always better to invest in a professional caption or subtitling service that will make sure your dialogue is properly transcribed and inserted into your video at the right place. It makes a huge difference.

To sum up, investing in captioning and subtitling delivers several benefits, not least in increasing the number of views on social media, the breadth of people you can reach and ensuring you fulfil your accessibility obligations.

While it’s not the number one thing you need to remember when producing a top-notch video for your business, it should certainly be on your list and should never be ignored.

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