Why is video such an important part of a brand & business?

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Building a unique image for your business through the right content strategy can set you apart from your competitors! However, knowing where to start and what to include can be daunting. By improving the brand image of your business, it can give it the competitive edge that it needs to thrive in the market.

When a prospect or business posts a video, people take note and tell their friends! When a customer leaves a review for your business, other customers take note!

Social media is hugely important for businesses — with over 80% of Americans being active on social channels, it's one of the best places to get your message out. In fact, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site, and 78% of consumers say that their purchasing decisions are affected by a company's own social media posts.

A customer will assess your company’s image based on key features like the website, business cards, logo, or physical store appearance. 

Having a strong Content Foundation is a smart micro-influencing solution that combines the essential tools and services to build content, develop your image, and connect with clients. 

Here are a few things to work on that combined could have great results:

- Video Blogging: Provide your audience, industry, and customers specifically crafted and curated content just for them.

- Brand Identity: Supply your business with beautifully designed yet simple and effective custom logo, business, cards, letterhead, and design.

- Video Testimonials: Give your customers the right tools to create, collect and showcase their very own video reviews online.

In conclusion, your business’s brand is the first impression a customer will have of you!

Conversations about your business are taking place on these social channels, and people trust the criticism and recommendations they get from their friends. Find out how your social activity compares to others in the industry and how you can improve the way you interact with customers in their space.

Although reviews have changed to accommodate digital sources, word of mouth still reigns supreme. So, let's get more people talking about your business! Your content could be reeling in more business & people every day for sales consultations! You’ve worked hard to create an excellent experience for your customer and you need to let your customers speak for you.

A good way to ensure your customers are gaining the right impression of your business is with Video Marketing —it has everything you need to create or improve your corporate branding or business image and how it is received. 

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