Big3 Basketball 2019 Games Entertained Dallas Sports Nostalgia


Big3 Basketball 2019 - Andre Emmett - Dallas, Tx - Kinter Media
 Andre Emmett is pictured above at American Airlines Center. Photos by Alex Kinter.

 Big3 is a modern version 3X3 half-court basketball game. Started by rapper, singer, actor, producer Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz on a shared vision of creating entertainment and innovation in the world of basketball. It was first announced by the founder on 11th January 2017, and the first draft was held on 30th April 2017. On 25th June 2017, the first inaugural weeks started at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Media/Press photos provided by Kinter Media. Video highlights courtesy of CBS.

Watch the highlights of the games:

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Big3 Basketball 2019 - Ice Cube - Dallas, Texas - Kinter Media
Ice Cube is seen watching the Big3 Basketball games courtside at the American Airlines Center. Sports photography by Kinter Media.

Big3 Basketball 2019 - Dallas Mark Cuban - Kinter Media
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban is seen enjoying the Big3 Basketball games courtside at the American Airlines Center. 

Big3 Basketball Games 2019 - LL Cool J - Kinter Media
LL Cool J is pictured above signing hats for fans at the American Airlines Center.

The idea behind the creation of this player-centric league was specifically focused on entertainment and innovation. The rules of Big3 are different than the 3x3 half-court basketball, with a complete innovation in the rules such as the introduction of 14 seconds shot clock and the 4-point shot, with three-4 point circles beyond the 3-points line, are the main innovations of all.

 Big3 Basketball - Dallas Sports Entertainment - Kinter MediaSports photography by Kinter Media.

The team players consist of the NBA and international players. With these retired players of the famous league, BIG3 is an emerging massive entertainment and nostalgia in the world of Basketball. They support mental health and give utmost attention to players, to come up with confidence, and address mental health issues to support in the field as well as outside the field.  Sharing their happiness and victory seamlessly with the players as well as the staff, they are creating a suitable culture to never miss any entertainment from their league.

 Big3 Basketball - Dallas State Farm Hoop - Kinter MediaSports photography by Kinter Media.

The games are fast. The first 50 points to win & half time whenever a team reaches 25 points.  The short duration of the game makes it tense & exciting, which is more compelling than the full court long game. The league runs from late June to the end of August.  In 2017 it started with 8 teams, because of increasing popularity the Big3 announced to include 12 teams in 2019 hosting across 18 cities.

The people in their 30s and 40s are the most nostalgic about this league. Seeing their favorite players playing in the summer with 3X3 court is what makes most of them profound. More importantly, this league helps them to show their new generation what it felt like in the 90s.

 Watch the highlights of the games below!


Bivouac – 48 (4-4) vs Ball Hogs – 50 (1-7)

Notable plays:
0:12 – Will Bynum shows off incredible handles on an impressive drive to the basket 0:54 – Xavier Silas makes the 4-point shot to give the Ball Hogs the late 47-46 lead 1:06 – DeShawn Stevenson grabs the rebound and hits the game-winning 3-point shot to give Ball Hogs their first win of the season



Ghost Ballers – 38 (4-4) vs Triplets – 51 (7-1)

Notable plays: 0:10 – Mike Bibby drives and dishes to Chris Johnson for the electrifying two-handed slam 0:24 – Joe Johnson hits the corner three to put his team up 27-20 at the half 0:58 – Sergerio Gipson hits the game-winning 3-pointer to give Triplets the 51-38 win


3 Headed Monsters – 52 (4-4) vs Power – 46 (5-3)

Notable plays:
0:26 – Mario Chalmers hits the 4-point shot to give 3 Headed Monsters the early 13-11 lead 0:34 – Jeremy Pargo drives and throws the alley-oop to Julian Wright 1:08 – 3 Headed Monsters grab the offensive rebound and kick it out to Mario Chalmers for the game-winning 3-pointer


Killer 3s – 50 (5-3) vs Enemies – 46 (3-5)

Notable plays: 0:12 – Perry Jones III blocks Stephen Jackson in the lane 0:30 – Gilbert Arenas knocks down the 3. Assist by Royce White 0:40 – Stephen Jackson backs down Frank Robinson and hits the turnaround jumper


Trilogy – 28 (4-4) vs 3s Company – 50 (4-4)

Notable plays: 0:12 – James White drives, fakes, and spins for the lay-in 0:53 – DerMarr Johnson knocks down the 3-pointer to extend 3s Company's lead to 43-24 1:03 – Andre Emmett drives to the hoop and finishes with the foul

Video Highlights courtesy of CBS.

Media & Press Photos provided by Kinter Media:

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