Red Bull Drop-In Tour: Ryan Sheckler joins Jamie Foy & Zion Wright at Kona Skatepark

Watch the short social media video above (Ryan Sheckler pictured in preview).

Being in the presence of icons will always cause a stir, and this was especially true for the Red Bull Drop-In Tour held in Jacksonville, Florida on February 20th, 2019 at none other than Kona Skatepark. To say that there was a crowd was an understatement.

The event boasted the appearances of Ryan Sheckler, Jamie Foy, and Zion Wright.


Although the event was always going to be popular, I don’t think anyone was ready for the overwhelming ambiance energy present in the park as guests gathered to meet their favorite skateboarding icons.

You only had to step foot inside Kona Skatepark before being hit with the energy and excitement that filled the park. 

Masses of skateboard fans came together, with keen boarders of all ages performing stunts and tricks that were truly mesmerizing.

The Red Bull sponsors were enforced by the iconic vehicle bearing the famous can making its round among the excited fans as they danced to the music being played by the DJ and consumed hot dogs.

Of course, it wasn’t only the local talent and entertainment that was causing a buzz, but the iconic skating heroes that were in attendance.

Household names Jaime Foy and Ryan Sheckler were joined by upcoming skateboarder Zion Wright, who were all overwhelmed by the number of keen skateboarders attending the event despite the slight downpour that was experienced on the day.

Growing up in Deerfield, Florida, Foy was first introduced to the thrills of skateboarding at the very young age of one and entered his first skating competition at the age of four.

Veteran skateboarding icon Torey Pudwill has cited that Foy is his favorite skater of all time.

Sheckler needs little introduction as he has made several television appearances as well as setting the world of skateboarding alight, including the popular MTV series “Life of Ryan.”

Like Foy, Shackler took to skateboarding at a young age, starting when he was two. Since then he’s gone on to impress the masses and has even appeared in Fox Weekly’s “15 Most Influential Skateboarders of All Time” article.

Zion Wright is making waves in the skateboarding sphere tanks to his inspirational style and charismatic manner. His recent win in Huntington Beach for the Vans Park Series has made him an early favorite to front the Olympic debut of skateboarding in 2020.

Watch the extended version of the video above (Martin Ramos pictured in preview).

However, all three remain modest in their position and are more aware that the presence of loved ones and fans is the best feeling ever.

Fans posed with the trio had autographed signed and even had the chance to snap some selfies with the skateboarding heroes. What started as a simple event turned into a magical and memorable experience that will be treasured by skateboarding fans for years to come.


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