How Quality Videos Can Help Sell Dallas Real Estate

Drone Videos Can Help Sell Dallas Real Estate - Kinter Media

Did you know that video marketing can generate up to 300% more leads than other digital advertising mediums such as text and images? 


Because 85% of buyers and sellers would rather choose a Dallas real estate agent that used video as part of their tools. 

We know that the Dallas real estate market is competitive, so how do you get ahead? Continue reading to find out how videos can help you get a step ahead in real estate. 

Why Video For the Dallas Real Estate Agent?

You may be thinking to yourself that quality images can do just as well as a quality video, which may be true some of the time. 

But the facts remain that most of the content consumed online nowadays is through watching videos. 

People watch an average of 16 hours of online video every week. 

That's a lot of hours that you could be putting your real estate in front of potential buyers' eyes. 

Using Walkthrough Videos 

Amidst our current pandemic, more and more buyers are looking for ways to view properties without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Now is the time to become a thought leader in the way in which you show a home to a potential buyer. You can do this by producing quality, professional videos where the agent walks the buyer through the home, virtually. 

You'll really want to consider hiring a professional for this, mobile-recorded videos just won't do the potential home justice. Alongside potential background noise interference and other obstacles, a professional will have the right equipment to make sure that your video is top-notch. 

Educational Real Estate Videos 

Much of finding clients online is about looking for them in the most unexpected places. 

For example, someone who is in the market to buy a new home may type in the search bar, "how to qualify for a mortgage". 

As a Dallas real estate professional, you will have the answers to these types of questions. And you can use video as a way to educate your audience at the same time as solidifying your position as an industry leader. 

A professional video production company can assist you in creating a brand style for your educational videos, as well as helping you manage your Dallas real estate masterclass video series from start to finish. 

Quality Video Has Great ROI 

Creating and publishing quality videos is almost a surefire way to find the best return on investment for some of your marketing spend.

80% of video marketers say that their video efforts have directly helped increase sales.

If you can put aside a budget to record a professional, quality video, you'll definitely see results in terms of lead generation. 

Dallas Real Estate And Your Video Success

Successfully using video in the Dallas real estate market may seem intimidating at first. But remember, the more professional your video looks and sounds, the more likely your viewers will watch until the end. 

The secret to successful use of video is the quality of what you put out. 

People may not watch a self-recorded video with bad audio, but they will certainly watch one that portrays your real estate brand at its best. 

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