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Digital Products

This digital products collection designed by Alex Kinter is made to enhance any projects or strategies you are working on. Some video editors may find his common aspect rations pack to be quite useful, convenient and easy to implement. Small-business owners or marketing managers might find several gold nuggets to take away and implement in their current social marketing strategies from his Epic Effect eBook guide.

Alex has learned many strategies over the years working with SEOs, agencies and marketing firms with video marketing projects. This guide outlines a particular strategy used for Facebook fan page building and social media ads for Facebook. It can be useful for any brand, business or organization looking to build their online presence, as there are many benefits: Such as an expanded reach, building a community, building post engagement, and a substantially increased potential for online sales.

There are more digital products in the works so look out for more upcoming digital goodies to explore. Currently, he is working on his latest short film called Poolside. This short film will have several products that fans, audiences, friends, and colleagues can engage with. Viewers will have the opportunity to download the short film a digital product in the future as a presale to Video On Demand distribution on Amazon Prime.

Marketing directors and marketing managers need to keep a lookout for more informational products Alex has coming out to help you stay on top of the latest working digital strategies for marketing your organization online. His aim is always to help you do your job easier and reach your goals to your best potential.