Poolside - The Collection

Poolside - Dallas Film - Art House - Mid-century Modern

A timeless classic collection for anyone looking for great quality art-house and mid-century goods for some poolside fun. Poolside is an art-house and mid-century modern short film directed by Alex Kinter & Erik Schuessler, that accounts the haunting moments of a 1950's high society woman struggling with keeping her sanity while isolated at her indoor pool.

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The idealistic background acts as a stark contrast to the dark concepts written by Erik Schuessler, takes you swimming through this candid unraveling of a woman alone, trying to understand the voices she hears underwater. These voices eventually lead to self-doubt, addiction, loss, and fear are just a few of the emotions she struggles with while coming to terms with her unimaginable situation. 

In memory of Erik Schuessler. 50% of the proceeds from the short film and products will go to the Creative Arts Center of Dallas (CAC) in Erik's name. 50% will go towards fulfilling Erik's wishes & projects.