Commercial Video Director - Alex Kinter

Alex is a commercial director that produces cinematic content pieces for video advertising and video marketing campaigns for many local, regional or internationally recognized brands.

Commercial Director, Alex Kinter has established himself not only as a Commercial Director but a Cinematographer as well and is found at the top of the industry lists for commercial content production. Today, Alex Kinter has continued to focus on content creation, content marketing; and producing highly effective and visible Video Marketing campaigns. 

For several years, Alex worked alongside entertainment host, Paul Salfen. Alex and Paul worked on shows such as The Drew Pearson Show, Sports Plus, and Inside Entertainment; as well as notable print publications, Envy Magazine, 944 Magazine, ScoreBoard Monthly, Once Alex gained enough commercial, advertising and industrial experience in the Dallas market, he founded an entertainment production company. Alex proceeded to receive a notable reputation as a commercial director and has worked with brands such as AT&T, Dallas Cowboys, Hublot, Pernot Ricard, Marriott Courtyard, Sonic, MTV, Viacom, and Mercedes Benz. 

Alex recently directed and produced the short film The Poolside (Alone At The Pool) alongside writer/director Erik Schuessler and starring Anne Beyer. Alex's ambition for the art and experience in the industry has also led him to start acting per some of his music video clients and commercial comrades in shorts and web-series, most recently in David Lee's music video - Bringing Hippie back. 

Kinter has filmed and photographed a wide range of celebrities like Sir Richard Branson, Will Ferrel, Zach Galifianakis, Selena Gomez, Dirk Nowitzki, Val Kilmer, Stephen King, Jennifer Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Taryn Manning, and Paul Oakenfold, just to name a few. With extended business networks and teams in the commercial advertising space, he produces key content pieces and effective commercial marketing strategies for many established local, national and internationally recognized brands. 

Today, Kinter consults for many brands and businesses for their commercial director marketing needs and also represent the healthy energy drink company, MATI Energy.


    Depending on the origin of the project, the commercial director can have an impact on the overall final picture's style and how the storytelling is received. Film directors can sometimes have a hand in writing a film project's script, bring on a screenplay writer, or be contracted to direct and produce a project after a rough version of the script is ready. 

    Many have received notoriety for unique styles and creative visions, that make their projects really distinguishable and as one of their newest creations. In many cases, the commercial director is also one of the main writers or producers of the projects, which can make the aesthetics of the commercial content recognizable.

    The Commercial Director is usually on projects from early stages, such as the script and drafts stage; only stops when the production is entirely finished in post-production, available to be presented for client viewing, ready for marketing or broadcast.

    I can proudly say, with a grateful and humble heart, that I've been fortunate enough to be responsible for many successful commercial and marketing projects, even under very pressurized roles and situations, and in return have been highly acclaimed and recommended by many business owners, marketing directors, and C-level decision makers. 

    In commercial production, corporate commercials, and promotional clips, the commercial director's vision is sometimes complimented or supplemented by the vision of the advertising agency, marketing agency, production company, aboard with the must-have items of the client or business owner. 

    Often times the style of the commercial production will rely on the client and the messaging they want to tell their audiences - mostly about how their product or service is different and showcase their value proposition. 

    Not only is the job of the commercial director to be creative, focused and make the project unique, but it is also to ascertain that the commercial meets the expectations of the client - as well as determine that it will be an awesome commercial everyone will be delighted to experience and share with their friends or co-workers.

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