As an experienced creative, Alex is able to take any small guidance and turn it into a fully matured idea and highly crafted concept, which caters to the target objective of his clients. Alex can fit in to a team of any size with ease, whether he is producing, directing, shooting, editing or storyboarding. He has taken an interested in many niches every year and focused on them to create flourishing works, for his often very successful clientele. The solutions he provides are both turnkey and affordable to the needs of those who are seeking his production and creative services. 

Clients are often leaders at agencies, manage marketing departments at fortune 500 companies, run publicity firms, operate successful production companies or own and operate a small-medium sized business. Alex is no stranger to hard work or success, with over 15 years experience in media. Success came at an early age for him from hard work, discipline, networking and a combination of being at the right place, at the right time and in the right market.

Alex searches to create perfect storms for his client's creations to come to life in a way they never have before. This work of empathy and passion truly separates this creative executive from others who seek to merely create eye candy with no context. He truly aims to make a memorable impact for the audiences of his clients to engage and connect with through storytelling.

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