Motion Stills

See some of the stills and images captured in a split moment in time over the years by the established cinematographer and director of photography, Alex Kinter. His works have moved audiences and connected people together, with services & products. A still or frame grab is often used by digital marketers & agencies as supportive or additional content for a campaign.

These motion stills are memorable hero shots that best showcase the scenes involved in a video production. If stills are not used in a campaign, then they can also serve as micro content pieces for social media platforms instead of advertorials. It really depends of the strategy the company has for its audiences and type of content posted on their media platforms.

Often marketing directors find that repurposing content for different stages of content strategies is a way to provide cohesiveness to the user experience and develop a sense of trust with the audience by providing a sense of familiarity and brand alignment. Having a cohesive content experience is an important aspect of marketing that should not be overlooked! Talk to our team about how we can bring that experience to your project.